Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moment: JRN 521

Friends enjoy a game of black jack during the Central Michigan University Up ALL Night event. Other activities included putt putt golf, video games, swimming, and inflatables.

Layers: JRN 521

The 21st Annual Central Michigan University Powwow was held Saturday afternoon in the Rose Arena. I attended the event so I could try to shoot a photo with good layering. I took this photo of a group of drummers, and tried to play with the foreground and background. I wanted the Native American feathers to frame the drummers in the background. It was a challenge for me, however, because I had a hard time trying to make sure the background was not blurry. After several attempts I believe I was successful. I pushed myself in this exercise by looking at both the foreground and the background, instead of focusing on the action of the drumming itself.